Ruckus Band

Upcoming Ruckus Gigs

Sun 29th June A new venue....IN THE WEST!! Fantastic venue. Yep we are gettin' over to the other side of town so all of you who have been waiting here is your chance to come along  and have a great arvo. Kick ya heals up and RUCK along for the day. Tell ya mates, ride ya hoss, fly ya helicopter, but make sure ya get along to start some great music out in the Western side of town $5 C/C Q Lounge
20 McKenzie St Melton
Sat 12th July RUM BUM.......More to come....Yay..10th year of Mouldy's legendary Rum Run. Grab ya swag, fire up the ute, tell EVERYONE and get on along. Rubicon hotel Thornton
Sat 26th July 9pm Here we are again, yep we are gunna have a RUCKIN' great time at one of oue fave venues. Round up ya mates and get on along. St. Andrews pub St. Andrews Vic
Sun 27th July 3pm WE"RE BACK. We had such a great time last month so here we go again. Out in the West is this great venue which is now havin' live music so come along and give em a go, kick ya heals up and have a fantastic start to ya workin' week!!!!  $5 C/C Q Lounge
20 McKenzie St Melton

If you would like to find out more info or book the band contact Mick on 0407 338 343 or Meres on 0417 503 468

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