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It's HERE!!!!!. Yep RUCKUS have finally finished their new CD. It's been a little while but now it's here. 11 songs in all, 7 written by the band and 4 rippa covers.
From the title track "Love This Country" to one of our most requested "We Are Australian" and a hot little instrumental "Couldn't Be Bothered Singin' Song" there will be something for everyone. This CD was a labor of love for the RUCKUS Gang and a change in direction from the previous albums. It shows how the band has evolved and expanded musically together, Mick's even playing banjo and harmonica !!!!
The songs are varied and emotive. "Denim & Dust" a ruckin' tune about B&S Balls, rodeos and people, to a re-recorded "Smiley. What about the Roses" a gentle song about Aussie heartache, resiliance and life.
The CD was co-produced, mixed and mastered by Gavin Parker, a gun at his craft and who's help was immeasurable. 
We hope you all love our new CD.

CD: "The Other Side"


RUCKUS  2nd CD "The Other Side". was another step forward for RUCKUS It consists of 12 songs, 7 of these penned by the band.
It shows a softer side to the band with a couple ballads written after the unfortunate passing of parents of band members, as well as a haunting rendition of the Elvis song "In the Ghetto" It also shows a humorous and lighter side with "Devil went to the pub" and the Neil Young song "Get back to the Country". There is a couple of 'in your face' out there, instrumentals . The CD also has the normal country rockin' songs RUCKUS have built their reputation playing.

CD: "Ruckus"

The CD comprises of 3 mighty "Aussie" country originals and 4 killer southern rock covers that have already attracted major interest from various national country notables. The CD's single, "Dance Cowboy Dance" takes a slapstick slant of a cowgirl's view of the country singles bar scene. "Life is Good" is an up-tempo take on the 'iconic' great Aussie BBQ ("shindigs with your mates on the weekends"). "Pick Yourself Up" was penned during a recent dark patch experienced by two of the band members and truly encapsulates the Aussie underdog's resilient spirit.

To buy the latest Ruckus CD "Love This Country"

  1. Email Mick advising how many copies you require. Provide your preferred mailing address and contact details. (NOTE: The price is $25.00 with free postage anywhere in Australia. Add $20.00 for each additional copy ordered!!!).
  2. Mick will email you with bank account details or the address to mail payment (personal cheque or postal order is fine).
  3. Once payment has been received you will receive a confirming email that your CD(s) is in the mail!
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